Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You Can Not...

You can not grasp your own hand. You can not kick your own foot. You can not bite your own teeth. You can not see your own eyes.

AND you can not attain to the you that you already are.


The one who wishes to discover or attain it"self" is not you. That one is only a pretending character. A play that is happening in you.

It can not be gotten rid of--which of course is no dilemma.

This character is all at once and quite naturally laughable when it is seen for what it is: a mirage of a barren and stoney desert within the lush and beautiful oasis of your own natural being. There is literally no findable thing, no actual someone to give up or rid oneself of--as this pretending character has no basis in reality.


Only have a look right here and now and see right through this character, this allegedly separate one.

That seeing through will be a laugh. That seeing through will be a burst of joyful tears. That seeing through will be sound and fury with out boundaries. That seeing through will be a crashing into great silence.

And in it the whole of existence will be shining out in the plainest way. Plain and simple. Easy and clear. Just like it is already and always shining out.

Just like this.

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