Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Simple! (Part II)

I had a big breakthrough as I was thinking about how you said that I am being-awareness. I realized that I always thought of Christ-consciousness as something buried inside myself, when Christ-consciousness is really just the awareness that I already am.

Yes. This is the plainest fact. In it there is nothing to realize. "Realizations" are only more of the content--more of what is arising IN this awareness. They are no trouble, of course, AND they are not you.

I also realized that the being-awareness that I am is not different from the being-awareness of anyone else.

All of the classic sages have expressed this--including Jesus. It is only within the pretending character that there would seem to be some difference. Within the pure awareness it is just the difference of one body or another or another and one mind or another or another. These are arising in the awareness and there is not difference in that.

The awareness is spontaneously and naturally aware without being self-conscious.

Thank you for pointing this out. It really helps a lot.

It is only within the pure awareness that awareness returns to itself. That is not anything at all. It is simply the end of extraneous imagining.

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