Friday, August 17, 2007

Spiritual Journey

The entire spiritual journey can be reduced to a single question which is, "How do I get here?"

It is a seemingly paradoxical question. And it is either useless or useful for you depending on how you are taking yourself as you read these words.

If you are taking yourself to be someone (and even no one is someone) then you can have a look to this basic sense of "I am". This sense of "I am" always seems to be "in" something. And what it is "in" constantly changes.

"I am" may seem to be "in" the body one moment and then "in" the mind or emotions the next moment (and not that there is any such THING as time). So when you seem to be "in" it is because you seem to be in the first place. And when you seem to be, this is the sense of "I am". And this implies the question, "Who am I?"

"I am."

"Who am I?"

This is only the Self talking to Self.

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