Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Want to be in That State

I understand the things you are saying intellectually. However I haven't gotten it in experience. I want to be in that state all of the time.

You already are. That is why it is called the natural state. I never ask you to find something or to attain anything new. The natural state is not anything that you can or will discover or attain. It is that ever-present ease of being. You can not be away from it.

Then why don't I feel at ease?

Who says that you don't already?

The ease of your own being has to be ever-present. Otherwise you would not be able to come to your seeming dis-ease. Don't worry about these feelings. Whenever they come up just watch them. What comes always goes, yet this that is spontaneously remains. And this is being-awareness, which is only you.

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