Thursday, August 23, 2007

Past Relationships, Past Temptation

I recently left a difficult relationship. How do I deal with it?

You said you left it.

How do I deal with the feelings that I still have?

Oh, you don't. Don't deal with them. Whenever some feelings come up you might simply watch them come and then watch them go. You are always the pure awareness that any feelings arise in. That awareness that you already are has no boundary--so there is plenty of room for everything to be watched--and not only feelings. Thoughts too. And physical experiences like a headache or a sore back. Don't "deal with"; watch.


I used to party a lot. I don't anymore--only I still think about it sometimes and I am tempted.

You still do what sometimes?

Think about it. (Laughs.)

Yes. You can laugh at thoughts. They don't bite. If you laugh at them they might even stop barking. But even if they continue barking they are only an occasion for you to laugh.

And I do not mean only out loud. The way to laugh at thoughts is to look into the simple fact of your own being-awareness. It always comes back to this. You are the you that you already are. Awareness. You don't have to do anything or change anything within yourself. Just laugh over what arises.

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