Friday, August 24, 2007

Does the World Exist?

Does the world exist?

Yes. It exists as an arising within your own being. Your being is more than your seemingly individual and self-conscious self. Your being is simple awareness. Your eyes see even without a separate someone trying to make them see. And likewise your ears hear, your nose smells, your fingers touch, and your tongue tastes. You have a vast panorama of physical sensations, emotions and thoughts and they all happen quite naturally. They all simply arise.

Only a pretending "I" tries to arrange thoughts or do things. This "I" is similar to a gnat perched on a steering wheel. The greater power of life steers left and the gnat is very pleased with itself. But then life steers to the right and the "I" is displeased and displeased again when it unexpectedly steers left again. The trouble is not with the way life is flowing. The trouble is imagined trouble that is the result of the gnat assuming that it has control.

So you can simply recognize that any control is imagined. You don't have any control because you don't need to have any control. This life IS already your own being and so the world that arises in it is your world and is you.

It is because you exist that the world exists.


Kalliope said...

I've just discovered your blog and really resonate with what you are saying.

Always nice to find kindred spirits :)

Nathan said...

Hi kalliope,

I am delighted to hear that you connected with what you found on here. What resonates is your own natural being of innate awareness, of simple alivensss. You won't get anything that you haven't already got.



kalliope said...

Exactly :)