Monday, August 13, 2007


This is God. This is Guru. This is Self. This is me. This is you.


Never uttered by a single tongue, this has been the only uttering that humanity has ever uttered. An utterly, utterly unutterbale uttering.

There is no up or down in this. There is no big or small. There is no green or blue. Green and blue are only names. And any name is only a pointer to this.


God is the name of this. Guru is the name of this. Self is the name of this. Me is the name of this. You is the name of this. And all of this naming is a sheer impossibility.

Who names? I name. Who am I? Only a name.

A name is no trouble. A name is only a name. Name is only naming. There is only ever present and unnamable naming.

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