Monday, August 13, 2007

Unsayable, Undeniable

You are not a someone and not a something.

You are the you that you already are.

This you is pure being-awareness. It is absolute aliveness. Within IT every thing that is arising is simply an arising.

Nothing gets you to back to you (as you have never for even a fraction of a moment been way from yourself) AND nothing can block, keep or hold you away from you.

No separate, individual character exists other than a pretending character. And if that pretending character is playing out of being-awareness of you then even that, regardless of how that character may seem or feel unto itself, can not be other than the you that you already are.

You are not your body. Not your eyes. Not your tongue. Not your fingers or your toes. Not your ears. Not your nostrils as breath is drawing into them. Not your skin or your muscles or your bones.

You are not your heart.

You are not your brain or your mind. You are not the thoughts that you have in your mind. Neither are you your sensations or your emotions or your psychic knowing.

You are the knowing-ness which is without shape or form or beginning or ending. And the knowing-ness contains all arisings. All arisings. Arising are the simply the plain shining out of the you that you already are.

You are unsayable.

You are undeniable.

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