Monday, August 13, 2007

Neither Knower Nor Feeler

You are not a knower.

Your knowing self is a pure fiction and when this fiction is seen in this and every moment to be fiction no difference is found between atman (pure awareness as a human being) and brahman (pure awareness as infinity). All is this non-difference. All is not-two.

Nor are you a feeler.

The not-two that comes with seeing the absence of the doer or knower is still something. And there is not even this something. There is neither "I" nor "other-than-I". Neither duality nor nonduality. Neither bondage nor freedom.


There is no world other than this world that is arising now. There is no person other than this person right here. There is no awareness other than this very awareness shining out as a person with eyes reading these words right now.

This can not be said with words other than these.

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