Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the search for meaning

the search for meaning

finally falls

right into itself


because every eye

is only this


of pure seeing

any so called


of you

can not

be found




the meaning

of you




Reality as it appears is never separate from reality as it is. However reality as it appears discovers its own greatness, moment by moment by moment, in giving itself up to reality as it is.

Friday, November 16, 2007

"What is Wrong with Me?"

What do you think is wrong with me?

Nothing! There is no "you" or nothing outside of you. Take your pick.

It may be that you feel bad, in a way that seems out of step with your current circumstances, due to some vasanas. It is similar to what happens when you nearly have what is certain to be a bad fall. Even though you catch yourself from falling, your pulse still races. Your feeling that something is wrong may be like this.

Your feelings are not you. They are happening IN you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


These are all of the things that Silence surrounds:

all things

and everything, everything

If you can perceive or conceive it,

Silence already has it

in its thoughtless and kind crook

Before you can say you are

and judge, Silence

is the hand

fitting your glove, is

the foot walking and talking

your shoe.

Walking Around

At times as my feet

are moving themselves on

unrolling sidewalk, a church bell sounds

over the long exhaust noise

while light lies gently around

and thoughts rise in my mind

as only thoughts and I

don't even think them.

Shrubbery and houses twist and scrawl

and edgeless life pulses

and flows itself.

At times it is morning;

I am walking inside myself

as this bright flowing of life,

and the sky is clear blue

and the trees only click their leaves faintly

and the autumn chill lights through everywhere

and leaf colors joyously paint themselves multicolored,

and small birds peep from a cropped tree

in perfect wonder.

Friday, November 9, 2007

drop is ocean

me is the haunting

of a single drop

and this is

all ocean

what happens

when ocean

enters drop

is utterly utterly


and utterly utterly


for every drop

is only

pure ocean

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Presence of a Master

You have been talking lately about teachers and masters...Is a master important?

While a master does not consider his or her self to be separate from anyone or anything, the presence of a master does have a effect. This effect is with people who are assuming themselves to be separate from other people and the whole vast, edgeless flowing of life.

The "I" of the pretending character is not the person that appears. It is an invisible assumption that is supported by vasanas. As an analogy, you might say that the assumption "I am" is like the tap root of a plant that is surrounded and supported by all of the plant's other roots. Usually only the plant is considered, which is the specifics of what the character is doing, has done or will do.

A master's presence silently works to "shut off" the roots of this phantom plant. He or she is not doing anything. And yet--without this presence--more and more roots will continue growing indefinitely, which will continue feeding the illusion of plant-ness.