Friday, August 17, 2007


There is nothing to love in the world. As an object the world does not exist.

There is only a strangely soft orb called earth turning in space and covered with innumerable things and organisms. All shining out as a play within undifferentiated being-awareness. And happening spontaneously and for no one.

What is there to love when there is no one to "do" the loving?

And yet, and yet--love is!


Negation of the world is only to disentangle a pretending character. This character "swallows" it"self". And in that "swallowing" a world shines out in wonder and in love.


Nothing ever happens. So this, this has never happened before: the shining out of aliveness as a person, as all people, as a world and everywhere.

No one loves the world. And everyone loves the world and is the world. The world is the plain shining out--the expression of love itself.

There is no "other than" in this love.

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