Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Great Mystery

"No one is ever away from the Self and therefore everyone is in fact Self-realized; only--and this is the great mystery--people do not know this and want to realize the Self. Realization consists only in getting rid of the false idea that one is not realized."

--Sri Ramana Maharshi


What you are is being-awareness. Plain and simple aliveness. This is the Self and this, as explained by Bhagavan in the quote above, is already accomplished and always the case.

It is only a pretending character who wants to get away from this and to that. There is actually no from this and no to that. There is only right here. And in this here there is no need to arrive any"where".


As a result of the fundamental assumption "I am" there is a play of "I am this." "I am this body." "I am this name." "I am this role that I am playing of father, mother, brother, sister, enemy, friend," and so on.

The simplest way of "return" to the natural state is to look for the "I am" that always comes before any particular thoughts of who, or what, or where this "I am" is.

And once this "I am" has be separated out from all objects, the "I am" is--in an instant--seen to be nothing at all.

Nothing, that is, save the Self which is also God.

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