Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Thank You"--"You're Welcome"

Can anything conclusive be said about what is?

Certainly! Much can be said and much is said. And yet, is anything that is said final? Is anything that is said conclusive?


What is 'conclusive'? It is a word, a concept, a thought--like anything. It is only energy pulsing in the mind, only breath vibrating some vocal cords.

AND 'conclusive' is also a pointer to your own natural being which is complete, whole, joyful, at ease, pure, and simple. This being, this awareness is the you that you already are. You can not be anywhere other than right here and there is no happening, no occurence apart from now. This here is what is. You are what is. And if you are not realizing that you are what is you can look now and realize now.

What do I realize?

Well you do not realize any 'what' at all. 'What' is simply another passing word, another passing thought. It is simply the content of the moment. You realize you are the you that you already are. Which means that you stop putting mental energy into trying to get or realize anything, and you stop trying to become someone or become something more--and you simply rest in your own always-present being.

Thank you.

Yes. You're welcome.

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Kalliope said...

Yes. That is it. Eloquently stated.