Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On Turning 35

Thirty-five years ago tomorrow my body was born as an expression of this that is as birthless as it is deathless.

I can not say what I am. I can not say that I am not.

I am neither born nor unborn.

I am not awareness or aliveness or beingness or no-thing-ness either in part or as a whole--apart from the person that I appear to be.

My body is right here. With my fingers I am typing these words as they float up in my mind.

Tomorrow Jamie and I will celebrate my birthday.

It will laughable.

It will be so much fun.


Senlin said...

Happy, er, anniversary of the arbitrarily designated beginning of your, er, particular location of awareness!

Have a joyous one and thanks for your great blog.


Nathan said...

Hi Senlin,

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Yes. The immediacy of this pure being, this pure awareness is the reality that be both are sharing right here and now--and this reality is the plain shining out of a pure and radiant joyousness.

Come by and share more thougths as you are moved to.