Tuesday, September 4, 2007

To Be Simple...

To be simple is to be in your own natural being which is prior to all feeling.

The first feeling is the feeling "I am". And this feeling is a seed of assumption that all other assumptions grow out from. So if you feel like you are separate you investigate as any assumption arises back to this fundamental assumption.

When you investigate your basic feeling of being a separate, independent someone, you can not find where this "one" is. You may feel like you are somewhere in your body. But then which you is seeing the "you" it feels like is somehwere within your body.


There is only the open spaciousness of aliveness, beingness, awareness that every feeling and every thought is appearing in and playing out of. And this is you--as you are shining out through the body and the mind and the heart of the person that you are--as you are shining out as all that is. Now and now and always now.


This matter is so damn simple that you will never get it. You are the you that you already are. Now and now and always now.

You are as undeniable and as you are indescribable. Simple awareness. Simple beingness. Simple aliveness. Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, and thinking. Now and now and always now.

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