Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Natural State

What kind of state were you in [when you wrote the poems in your book]?

I was in the natural state. In sanskrit this is sometimes called sahaj samadhi--which means the natural state. 'Sahaj' means natural and 'samadhi' means state. It is the same state that both of us are in right now.

It is perfectly natural to not find a line drawn around yourself, to not find that you seem to be separate from other people. In fact everyone and everything is with us in this natural state right now. Only so often people take themselves to be in a state where they seem to be separate. If you look now you can not explain in what way you are separate. So it must be only a passing assumption--a very simple misunderstanding.

And if you cut out the misunderstanding, if you question into the assumption by looking for 'who' or 'where' the seemingly separate person is, you will see immediately that such a 'one' can not be found.

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