Saturday, September 8, 2007

Right Now

Right now is the time to have a look and see if the separate person that you imagine yourself to be can even be found.

It can not be that you are your body for the simple fact that you do not always see or experience your body (as in deep dreamless sleep)--and yet you remain to come back around to some experience of your body. Nor can it be that you are your mind; for, once again, you do not have a constant experience of your mind. Also it can not be that you are "in" that place that you might imagine yourself to be "in"--you can not be that invisible marble inside your head, between and behind your eyes. In sleep you are not "there".

So where are you? What are you? Who are you?


Right now, in the natural immediacy of your experience, you can not deny that you are. And you can not say what or who you are. You are simply not findable. You can not even say that you are the awareness that thoughts about your experiences are arising in because that would seem to negate these thoughts. And all thoughts and all things--however ephemeral or dreamy they may appear to be--do exist as the plain shining out of what is.

You are what is. Right now. Don't take my words for it. Have a look now and now and always now.


Dorothea said...

Nathan,the way you view is enriching. You naturally live in the realm of cognition and see your being higher,inner,and all around.It's so freeing,light,and beautiful. I'd love to buy your book to delight in more thinking perspective. ----

Nathan said...

Hi Dorothea,

It must be that what I have written strikes you as enriching because it resonates with the you that you already are.

This said, I do have a few thoughts about your comment:

If it seems alright, you might try using the words "immediate" and "ever-present" in place of "higher" or "inner" and see if that feels like a more accurate way of referring to your experience.

Also, if you stay with the pointers (whether on this blog or in my poetry book) as they are "settling in" for you, you will find that they are pointing you away from your "thinking perspective" and to the innate and pure awareness that all thoughts are dependent upon.

Thank you for sharing your comment, Dorothea, and stop by to share more anytime you like.