Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Passing of Grace

I recently read an article by David Godman that considers some of Ramana Maharshi's teachings about aham sphurana.

This article caught my attention mostly because this sphurana experience is something that happened for "me" right before the question "Who am I?" finished itself.

So, although I was quite oblivious about it as it happened, I can attest to its significance.


At any rate, this article has helped to clarify that it was Bhagavan's grace that "set off" this "sphurana experience" allowing the Self to "realize" the Self.

Only I should qualify this by saying that in the aliveness of the Self there is no separate "me" who was then "helped" by any separate "Bhagavan". It is simply that the Self smiled in recognition to the Self in the guise of a passing of grace from "Bhagavan" to "myself".

Which is to say that something happened to a seemingly separate "me" so that it could be clear that nothing separate happens at all.

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