Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What can I do about my karma?

You can investigate your own nature by inquiring "Who am I?" Aside from this you are helpless.


There are actually three types of karma.

Firstly, there is all the past karma that has accumulated as the result of actions over many lifetimes.

Secondly, there is the karma of living in relation to so many other beings. Any sentient being is like a ripple on a stream in the open flow of life with countless others--both sentient and non-sentient.

And, thirdly, there is the karma that emerges in the present moment. If you are taking yourself to be a separate "I" or "me" then this pretending character is also accumulating new karmas that are due to present action.


This third type of karma is what comes to an end, as a matter of speaking, when the "I" sufficiently questions itself. Without a "basis" it can not continue to develop.

However, there is still the result of the other two types of karma. Any sage or master has the personal and life that he or she has due to past actions as well as the actions (both past and present) of so many others--because of these types.

So even a sage has karma; even a master is helpless to end it.


Find your own present helplessness and you need not worry about ending any karma.

Instead you can laugh at it and enjoy it!

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