Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who asks "Who am I?"

The living experience of not being a separate "I" or "me" does not eliminate the person. If you are appearing as a person, then you are appearing as a person. And there is no problem at all with the arising of the structures that make up the person that you are.

There is a face...but it is not haunted from behind by a separate "me". There are arms and legs and a body moving and living...but these are not haunted by a separate "me". Not any more than a cloud passing in the sky is haunted by a separate "me". Not any more than a bird or a blade of grass or a speck of dirt is haunted by a separate "me".

Any person lives in a world with other people. Only, despite the obvious assumption, not one of these people is ever a separate "me".

Who asks "Who am I?"

Only a "me" that never is.

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Vince Flammini said...

hi nathan - i'm writing because i've begun a blog and would like to list your blog on my links page. before i do it, i wanted to be sure you're willing. my site is let me know if you're good with it and i'll put it up. thanks for your writing.

vince flammini